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Auto Accidents

Injuries caused by auto accidents and other vehicle accidents can be devastating to you psychologically, physically, and financially. We understand the burdens that have been placed upon you by these injuries, and will seek justice.

We pursue all types of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. If you have been injured, you have rights and options. With the help of Ralph Petty, your rights can be exercised and your options explored. You may be entitled to compensation for the injury you have suffered. We can help ensure that your voice is heard and your individual needs are met.

A Utah auto accident lawyer knows the complexities that can be involved in a car accident. Some of the obvious damages are personal injuries as well as damage to the vehicle. In extreme cases, there could be a fatality involved as well. If you have been in a car accident in Salt Lake City, UT, you need to get in touch with a Utah auto accident lawyer immediately. The SLC, UT auto accident attorney will review your case in detail and come up with a strong defense strategy to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses. Call (801) 783-1111 to speak with a Salt Lake City auto accident lawyer. We offer Free Consultation and the best thing is that the Salt Lake County auto accident attorney will not charge anything upfront. We work on a contingency fee basis so we only get paid if we get you compensation for your injuries.

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