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What Steps Should I Take After An Auto Accident?

If you are injured, stay calm and make sure that a call is made to emergency responders. If you are able, do the following:

  1. Call 9-1-1 for an ambulance or the police.
  2. Obtain the names, phone numbers, and addresses of witnesses.
  3. Take photographs of the cars, the damaged areas, and their positions in relation to one another.
  4. Exchange information with other drivers.
  5. Secure your car, remove valuables.
  6. See a doctor ASAP, even if your injuries seem minor.
  7. Report the collision to your insurance company.

After an auto accident has occurred, try to get the names of any witnesses. This is very important because it can be difficult or impossible to find witnesses after they leave the scene of the collision

In addition, you should go to the doctor to document the crash, even if you don’t think you are injured. It’s okay to wait a couple of days, if necessary, until you feel pain or are unable to function. When you go to the doctor, make sure you have your auto insurance information with you so that the medical provider can bill your auto insurance. Closely follow the recommendations of your doctor. Get the therapy and treatment your doctor recommends. Show up on time to your appointments.

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