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Premises Liability

Premises liability cases can include falls, drowning in a pool, slipping on a sidewalk, tripping on a curb, stepping into a hole on a lawn, or any other injury that occurs due to a defect or otherwise dangerous condition on property that does not belong to the injured person. Such cases require representation from an experienced Premises Liability Attorney in Tooele County, Utah. We have been providing legal representation to clients in all kinds of personal injury cases, including premises liability. Our Utah County Premises Liability Lawyer is highly experienced in this area of law.

Every property owner owes a certain duty of care towards people who enter their property. This duty specifically applies towards people who have been invited on to the property by the owner. This duty also extends towards trespassers, but to a lesser degree. When the property owner fails to follow safety precautions, an innocent guest could suffer serious injuries. Victims of such incidents can contact a Utah premises liability lawyer to get compensation for the injuries suffered in the incident. Our Premises Liability Attorney in Wasatch County has been helping and representing clients in such cases.

An experienced premises liability attorney understands the importance of recovering financial compensation for damages such as medical costs, pain and suffering as well as wage loss. Call (801) 783-1111 to get in touch with a Salt Lake City premises liability lawyer. Our Summit County Premises Liability Lawyer can be contacted for a Free Strategy Session. A SLC, UT premises liability attorney understands all the local laws and is also familiar with the courtrooms. Our lawyers and attorneys have been providing services all over Tooele County, Utah County, Wasatch County, Summit County, Morgan County and Davis County. So whether you’re looking to get in touch with a Summit County Premises Liability Lawyer or a Premises Liability Attorney in Morgan County, call us today for a Free Consultation. Our Davis County Premises Liability Lawyer will be ready to help you.

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